Can I load my configuration using a command line switch?

Can I load my configuration using a command line switch?

This document relates to MatrikonOPC Servers that use the PSTCFG GUI.

The answer to this is no, you cannot launch your configuration file using a command line drop.


A customer wanted to deploy the MatrikonOPC Server for GDA with a preconfigured configuration file and have it automatically run when the user started the software.



The two options are:

1) Set the Load Configuration on Startup option in View\Options after installation

2) Write a Windows Registry file that can be deployed and run to set this automatically.

Here are some steps to build a registry file

1) Open the MatrikonOPC Server for GDA
2) Choose View\Options
3) Set your configuration to load on startup and ensure that a path to the file is supplied
4) Click OK
5) Open the Windows Registry (Start\Run\regedit [ENTER])
NOTE: We recommend that you backup your registry before modifying it!
6) Do a search for PSTCFGMatrikon.OPC.GDA.1
7) When the search completes you should be able to choose a folder called Options
8) You should see the options that you configured
9) Choose Registry\Export Registry File...
10) Give the file a name and ensure that the Export range is set to Selected branch
11) Click Save

This will give you a .reg file that you can deploy with your installations.  You can either advise the installing person to run the MatrikonOPC install and then run the .reg file afterwards, or you could write a script to call the .reg file as follows:

c:\windows\regedit.exe /s <registry config name> - eg if your file is called config.reg c:\windows\regedit.exe /s config.reg

You need to ensure that the .xml configuration file is copied to the location that you specified in your configuration otherwise the GUI will load with no configuration.

Provided by Roger Fortune 14MAY09


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