MatrikonOPC RMS Licensing Wizard

MatrikonOPC RMS Licensing Wizard

MatrikonOPC RMS Licensing Wizard


This tool will install version 3.0.0 of the MatrikonOPC licensing wizard on top of your existing MatrikonOPC software. This will allow you to use the new features of the licensing wizard with your existing software without having to upgrade the OPC Software itself.


  • Now includes the ability to log the activities and errors from the tool for diagnosis and auditing purposes.
  • Improved the UI to provide easy to understand instructions on why licensing are not applying and how to correct the error.
  • The tool now warns you if you are trying to license the wrong product with a different key.
  • You no longer have to select the license shortcut corresponding to the appropriate product.
  • If you are not logged in as Administrator the wizard will notify you to change your permissions. This prevents licenses from being applied incorrectly.


Extract this tool onto the computer that has the MatrikonOPC products installed on. This tool will need to be run with Administrative rights in order to work correctly. Follow the appropriate licensing instructions to apply your license.


exe MatrikonOPC_RMSLicensing


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